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W, Arly, and Pendjari National Parks
Burkina Faso, Niger, Bénin

Tapoa Association of Ecoguides and Ecosystem Protection (AEGT/PE)
BIALA, the tourism association of Tapoa Province
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Arly National Park (Burkina Faso)

The forest, savanna, rivers and hills of Arly (also Arli) National Park are part of the Arly-Singou ecosystem, which also comprises the Singou and Madjoari Total Reserves and the Arli and Pama Partial Reserves.  (Hunting is forbidden in the park, but certain animals may be hunted in the reserves.)  This 815,000 ha ecosystem adjoins the 276,000 ha of Pendjari National Park, plus nearly 400,000 ha of other hunting areas. It contains several pools which attract a wide variety of animals, and is bordered by the Pendjari River which flows year-round.

Best wildlife watching is early in the morning, when the hippos are in their pools and the lions may be out on the road.  But even if you only pass through Arly on your way from the Chutes de Koudou in W National Park to Pendjari, you are likely to see animals. Your guide knows their tracks, habits, and temperament.  Although he will do his best to find the animals for you, never be tempted to ignore what he says.  His first concern is your safety. When he tells your driver how close to an elephant it is safe to stop the car, for instance, do not get out and go closer because it will make a better photo!

The park entry fee is 5000 fr CFA, and a guide is mandatory.

You can enter Arly from Diapaga on the east or, in the winter dry season, from Pama on the west.  As of 2007 the lodgings in Arly were not open.  However, the park is surrounded by hunting areas with pleasant accommodations.