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Association of Tourist Ecoguides/Ecosystem Protection (AEGT/PE)
in W, Arly, and Pendjari National Parks

Burkina Faso, Niger, Bénin

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The ecoguides of the WAP parks

The members of the Association
of Tourist Ecoguides/Ecosystem Protection
are ready to welcome you !

The Association includes both the guides and other players in the area's growing tourist industry, such as leather-workers, weavers, musicians, and restaurant owners. Its goals are:
  • to promote ecotourism, especially in the Province of Tapoa
  • to provide environmental education to both local residents and tourists

The headquarters of the AEGT/PE, like those of the W National Park of Burkina, are in Diapaga. Contact

  • , president of the association. Tel: +226 70 70 39 00.
  • W National Park. Tel :+ 226 40 79 10 33
  • Partner NGOs such as African Wildlife Federation, ACRA , and ECOPAS have invested heavily in training the guides, with funding from the European Union. Sidwaya (the Burkinabè government newspaper) featured the guides in 2010.

    The guides of AEGT/PE :

    • Abga Bourêma (specializes in birding; speaks some English)
    • Tankoano Tadioa (birds; speaks some English)
    • Ouaba Souguilimpo Pascal
    • Yonli Diégou Allassane (botany)
    • Miyemba Lombo

    Don’t even think of visiting without a guide!
    Why? Because…

    • It's required, both for your safety and to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem and the archaeological remains.
    • You’re here to see wildlife, and he is trained to spot even the best-camouflaged animals.
    • The roads are not well marked. If your driver isn't a local, he may not know them well.
    • He can speed up formalities like border crossings.
    • He knows not only where lodgings are, but which ones are open.
    • He knows whether it’s safe to eat the salad.
    • He can handle most of your travel arrangements – making your reservations both in the parks and in the cities, meeting you at the airport, finding a dependable car and driver.
    • He can translate between French, Mooré, Gourmantchema, and other languages.
    • He can introduce you to people and cultures you might otherwise just drive by without seeing.

    Caution! Most of the guides -- like most people in Burkina Faso -- do not speak English, so brush up your French.