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W, Arly, and Pendjari National Parks
Burkina Faso, Niger, Bénin

Tapoa Association of Ecoguides and Ecosystem Protection (AEGT/PE)
BIALA, the tourism association of Tapoa Province
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Sample itineraries

These itineraries are not fixed. Be sure to let your guide know what you want to see and do. Anything is possible!

As you pass through bush, savannah, and forest on your safari you will have the chance to see and approach elephants, hippos, antelope, monkeys, buffalo, and perhaps even a lion, not to mention many different species of birds. You will also pass through villages whose people still remain close to their animist traditions, with an opportunity to see the various ethnic groups of the region and greet the chiefs of Yana, Peulh, and Gourmanchema villages.

You will enjoy :

  • watching the wildlife ;
  • Yana, Gourmantche, and animist villages, ;
  • impressive waterfalls and their lush surroundings ;
  • a part of Africa that still remains wild

For more information on the sites listed here, see Practical matters-Lodgings, Animals and birds, and The parks.

Itinerary 1: two weeks in a 4x4

Day 1 : Arrival in Ouagadougou; night in a hotel.

Day 2 : Across the savannah to Pama. We will cross the Mossi plateau en route to the Gourmantche kingdom in the eastern part of Burkina Faso. Night at the Island of Tagou.

Day 3 : Cross into Benin. To the Falls of Tanougou, set in a lush forest. Night at Tanougou.

Day 4 : Safari in Pendjari National Park. We will take advantage of the many tracks and watering holes to see as many species of mammals and birds as possible. Night at the Hotel de la Pendjari.

Day 5 : More wildlife watching, first in Pendjari, then back in Burkina Faso at Arly National Park. Night in Diapaga or Arly.

Day 6 : Safari in W National Park. Night at the Koudou Falls.

Day 7 : Safari in W National Park. Night at the Triple Point where Burkina Faso, Niger, and Benin meet.

Day 8 : Safari in W National Park. Night at the Hotel de la Tapoa.

Day 9 : Safari in W National Park. Night on the banks of the Niger River in Niger..

Day 10 : To Niamey, Niger. Visit the city and its artisan village. Night at a hotel.

Day 11 : Visit the giraffes at Kouré, then back into Burkina Faso. Night in Fada N'Gourma.

Day 12 : Visit the guide's home village. Night in Ouagadougou.

Day 13 : Time for souvenir shopping at the artisan village of Ouagadougou and at the many bronze casters. Leave for the airport in the evening.

Itinerary 2 : 6 days in a 4x4

Day 1 : Diapaga - Kabougou - Point Triple (116 km). Watch for wild animals including buffalo, elephants, antilopes, perhaps even a lion. Night at Point Triple, where Niger, Burkina Faso, and Benin meet.

Day 2 : Point Triple - Chutes de Koudou (36 km). Visit the Boni pool where you can see hippos and many species of birds. Night at the waterfalls at the Chutes de Koudou.

Day 3 : Chutes de Koudou - Kondio (37 km). Dawn at the Chutes de Koudou. Visit the Souloumbou pool to see hartebeest, roan antelope, baboons, and warthogs.

Day 4 : Kondio - Nampoankore (50 km). Visit the Kotchari crocodile pool and the Bobomonti pool at the foot of the massive Gobnangou Escarpment. Night under the stars at Nampoankore.

Day 5 : Nampoankore - Arly National Park (50 km). Visit the grottos of the Gobnangou Escarpment, rich in ancient traditional objects. Keep your eyes open for more animals en route to Arly.

Day 6 : Arly - Diapaga (80 km). Dawn safari in search of jackals and hyenas. Visit the village of Namounou. Travel the Tapoa River in a pirogue. Spend the evening with the musicians at the buvette "On parle pas". Night in Diapaga.

Itinerary 3 : the periphery of W by bicycle

Day 1 : Diapaga - Tapoa Djerma (30 km). After a visit to the Peulh village of Naasobdi, stop at the lion pool near the entrance to W National Park. Spend the night in Tapoa Djerma with its Gourmantche and Germa peoples, and listen to stories and legends told around the fire.

Day 2 : Tapoa Djerma - Kabougou (50 km). Travel through W National Park and its adjoining areas. Visit the villages along the periphery road, where you may get to participate at the local soap-making workshop. Night in Kabougou.

Day 3 : Kabougou - Kotchari - Nampoankore (40 km). Visit the crocodile pool at Kotchari and the Nampoankore waterfall. Night under the stars at Nampoakore.

Day 4 : Napoankore - Kin-Kombou (110 km).. Hike the Gobnangou Escarpment. Visit the Peulh market in Naponli on Thursday, and the village of Mahadaga where you can meet various local artisans -- weavers, blacksmiths, etc. Night in Kin-Kombou.

Day 5 : Kin-Kombou - Tampiangou (20 km). Visit the sacred grotto and its many traditional artifacts, and other places sacred in the animist tradition. Night in Tampiangou.

Day 6 : Tampiangou - Diapaga (35 km). Visit the village of Namounou and (on Sunday) its market. Evening at the "On parle pas" buvette with local musicians. Night in Diapaga.

Itinerary 4 : the Gobnangou Escarpment
on foot or by or donkey

Day 1 : Diapaga - Namounou (27 km by car). If it's Sunday, visit the Namounou market. Then hike 14 km to Youbri. Visit the chief for access to the local ancestral grotto..

Day 2 : Youbri - Yrini (13 km). Visit the "mare aux pitons", passing through the varied flora of the escarpment. Night under the stars at Yrini.

Day 3 : After seeing the ancient traditions of the sacred hill, visit the local artisans. with its ancient traditional objects, then the local artisans -- weavers and soapmakers. Night at Nagare with local storytellers.

Day 4 : Nagare - Logobou (11 km). Visit the village chief. Learn about local plants at the nursery. Wander the streets of the village; visit the fetiche and the market.

Day 5 : Logobou - Kin-Kombou (10 km). See the ancient traditional objects at the grotto. Visit a rock bearing the inscription "of the child of God. Hike to the Kin-Kombou waterfall. Night at Kin-Kombou with authentic local tales.

Day 6 : Kin-Kombou - Mahadaga (10 km). Visit the village of Mahadaga, and its iron workers. Leave for Diapaga by car. Evening with the local musicians at "On parle pas".