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Association of Tourist Ecoguides/Ecosystem Protection (AEGT/PE)
in W, Arly, and Pendjari National Parks

Burkina Faso, Niger, Bénin

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You must use the park lodgings. Just as you may not enter the parks without a guide, you may not camp on your own. This is for your own security.

Lodging is available at several sites within the parks.  Facilities range from tents to air-conditioned hotel rooms, and meals are available. All have comfortable beds, with linens and pillows provided. Your guide knows the hotels and bush camps. He also knows which ones are actually open this year! Let him choose according to your itinerary.

W          Arly          Pendjari

The W National Parks

Campement du Point-Triple (Triple Point Bush Camp, Burkina)
Phone: 226-70-22-49-23.

  • Rooms 17,500 FCFA
  • Restaurant: Lunch/dinner 6,000 FCFA (drinks extra); breakfast 1,500 FCFA

The three countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, and Niger) meet at Point-Triple, where the Burkinabè eco-guides have turned a former archaeological dig into a comfortable bush camp.  You can walk into Niger or, once the water goes down by late January, wade or walk across the Mekrou into Benin.  Guests sleep in sturdy huts with attached toilets and showers.  The generators are turned on in the evening for long enough to pump water, and for you to eat dinner, recharge a Kindle, and get to bed.  When it’s too hot to sleep inside, the guides will set up your bed and mosquito net under the stars.  The showers are cool and refreshing after a day in the car or the bush.  In 2013 the guides hope to start installing solar panels for refrigeration.

During the night at Point-Triple you have a good chance of hearing lions and hyenas.  Buffalo graze along the camp road early in the morning.  Take a stroll to the old airstrip or along the river.   Antelope drink on the banks; baboons keep an eye on you from the trees; birds are everywhere.  In early winter your guide may take you down to the river bank before dinner to watch for nightjars in the dusk. 

Point Triple
The lovely bush camp at Point-Triple

Bridge Republic of Niger on the left, Burkina Faso on the right, and Benin across the bridge

Caution! The Park W website says a new lodge will open near Point-Triple in 2007 or 2008.  Don’t believe it. As of 2013 it has not been built, due to a lack of investors, and plans seem to have been dropped. So don’t plan on spending the night there – go to the bush camp.

Diapaga is the biggest town near the park in Burkina Faso, with several hotels.

The Hotel Ougapo is the newest (2008); it is comfortable and pleasant, with air-conditioned rooms and a quiet central courtyard. Not to be confused with the Auberge Ougapo, whose reputation is somewhat seedier and its neighborhood noisier.
Phone +226 40 79 10 88

  • Double room with fan 10,000-12,500 FCFA; air conditioned 18,000-21,000 FCFA.
  • Restaurant: Breakfast 1,000-2,000 FCFA; meals 1,000-4,500.
  • Internet connection 500 FCFA per session

The Hotel Ougapo, Diapaga

The Hotel Le Gacilien is on the main street a few blocks from the Ougapo. It is named for the town of La Gacilly in Brittany, France, Diapaga's sister city. 4 rooms in the main building, plus both cases and Gourmantché-style huts in the back courtyard.
Phone +226 40 79 10 18

  • Double hut with fan, separate WC: 3,500 FCFA. En suite, 4,000 FCFA.
  • Double room with fan 7,000 FCFA; air-conditioned 10,000 FCFA
  • Restaurant Bahanma : breakfast 800 FCFA.

Several miles north of town on the reservoir is
La Palmeraie Libaboundi hunting camp, with a range of rooms and bungalows. The garden is delightful, and the swimming pool is open to non-clients for 2000 francs.
Phone +226 40 79 10 80

  • 10,000 FCFA (fan) - 28,500 (AC, TV room)
  • Restaurant: Breakfast 1,500 FCFA; other meals 6,000-15,000

The gardens at La Palmeraie are a welcome change from orange dust!

Diapaga also has a clinic, schools, shops, Catholic and Protestant churches, a small library (CELPAC) and a more varied range of foodstuffs than you will find in the park. The market has some vegetables every morning, and the main market is on Saturdays.  

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L'Île du Lamantin (Manatee Island, Niger)
This delightful upscale eco-lodge is located on an island in the Niger River near the Nigercar bush camp.  It is easy to get to from Niamey, and also accessible through the park from Diapaga or Point-Triple.  For current rates see the website, http://www.iledulamantin.com .  Phone: +227 96 32 03 44; French contacts +33(0)4 75 46 76 03 or +33(0)6 10 38 07 22.

  • Single room 28,000 FCFA; double 30,500 FCFA, with en suite toilet and shower. Includes breakfast.
  • Restaurant: lunch 6,000 FCFA; picnic basket 5,500 FCFA; dinner 8,000 FCFA

Natalie offers fine French dinners and box lunches, and a full bar.  She takes the “eco” of “eco-lodge" seriously: the entire camp is solar-powered (with battery storage for nighttime), and each unit has a composting toilet.  She will also arrange pirogue trips of any length.  Take several days to float downriver from Niamey, a morning round-trip to the village of Karey Kopto, or a full day through the river meanders that give W its name.

Guest cabin on the Ile du Lamantin, Niger
The dining terrace on the Ile du Lamantin overlooks the Niger River.


Campement du Nigercar (Nigercar Bush Camp, Niger): Right on the banks of the Niger River.  Your comfortable bed is in a big canvas wall tent.  Take a pirogue along the river to watch hippos and Egyptian plovers.  (These are the same pirogues that serve Ile du Lamantin.)  After dinner, spend the evening stargazing and chatting with other visitors.  Don’t forget your mosquito repellent, because even in the dry season it’s humid along the river. Phone +227 73 23 31

Sunset at Campement du Nigercar on the banks of the Niger

Hotel de la Tapoa (Niger): Closed during the 2012-2013 season. If it reopens, it offers nice, comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, each with an outdoor seating area. The dining terrace overlooks a large ravine where you may see monkeys, cranes, fish-eagles, or the local boys playing. Swimming pool.
Phone +227 96 87 46 05

The Hotel de la Tapoa

Image 2
Swimming pool at the Hotel de la Tapoa

Caution! The bush camp at the Chutes de Koudou (Koudou Falls, Bénin) no longer exists.  The camp had closed in 2011, but in November 2013 disgruntled poachers set the whole place on fire.  However, the view over the Mekrou River is still impressive, especially after the summer rains, and it’s an easy day trip from Point-Triple or the Hotel de la Pendjari.

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Arly National Park

Campement du Parc national d'Arli

Guidebooks mention lodgings in Arly National Park itself. These closed in 2009 and fell into disrepair, but are now being restored under new management. Check with your guide! A few cabins are already available, but there are no services and no water -- yet. When the camp reopens it should be very pleasant.

Restored guest cabin, Arly

Campement de la Zone de Chasse Kondio Prestige (Kondio, between W and Arly): Commercial hunting camp which also offers vision safari services. Until the restoration of the camp in Arly National Park is finished, this private hunting camp is a more comfortable alternative. Hunting camps also provide vision safaris, but they will also work with the Burkinabè guides' association.

21 huts, air-conditioned restaurant, swimming pool.
Phone +226 70 03 07 72
English-language website is under construction. Current safari rices, photos, etc. are on the French-language site For information on lodging only, using your own guide's services, call or e-mail gobnangousafari.com

Campement de Tagou, Burkina Safari Club (website is in French) is about 15 miles outside the west edge of Arly, overlooking Lake Kompienga. Geared more to hunters than to vision safari, but pleasant and comfortable with good food and a large bar, gift shop, sculptures, and a nice pool. For more pictures, see also http://www.pecheretchasser.com/chasse-etranger/chasse-de-tagou.html.

  • Fan rooms 30,000 FCFA including meals
(There are also many other hunting clubs in the Arly area; the guides also work with Piéni, about 10 miles east of the east park entrance.)
Campement de Tagou

Diapaga is about as close to the east side of Arly as it is to W.

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Pendjari National Park

Hotel de la Pendjari (website also includes other area lodgings)
Several buildings of varying ages and sizes, each with 4-6 air-conditioned en suite motel-type rooms, plus bungalows. Swimming pool. Large and well-stocked central bar. Several driving routes in the area provide opportunities to see lions as well as the other large mammals and birds.

  • Double rooms with air conditioning and shower 28,000 FCFA
  • Double rooms with fan and shower 20,000 FCFA
  • Bungalows with fan 18.000 FCFA,
  • Restaurant : breakfast 2.500 FCFA, full menu from 6.000 FCFA
  • Open December 15 - May 31
Pool at the Hotel de la Pendjari

Also in the Pendjari area, but outside the park, are many hunting camps. The town of Tanugiéta has several lodging facilities.

Just outside the park is the
Relais de Tanougou, a campement (thatched huts, ceiling fans) with a dramatic waterfall -- even in the dry season-- and a refreshing swimming hole.

  • Bungalows with fan 9000 FCFA (en suite); 7000 FCFA (separate toilet)
  • Restaurant : breakfast 2,500 FCFA; full menu from 5,500 FCFA
  • Open: December 1 - May 31 with normal services; June 1 - November 30 with minimal services.


Locals jumping from the cliffs at the Cascades de Tanougou

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